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Dear friends,

Last fortnight dairy was well in media limelight more than any thing else. First it was supreme court intervention on adulterated milk and later a political whirlwind on Gau rakshak. It is good that judiciary at apex level has started to look into the menace of milk adulteration but does judiciary understand the chemistry of milk adulteration? Probably for them anything served by media ( which comprise of a mix of english/hindi/mass communication and journalism graduates and post graduates) is the truth.

FSSAI on its own is revolutionizing knowledge dissemination at all stakeholder’s level and a further drive is required for making people differentiate between adulterated milk and substandard or non compliant milk. Misinterpreted report of 2011 milk adulteration survey has been leveraged the most by media , judiciary and parliament. I think it is high time when the dairy fraternity must come together and serve the truth to all the relevant stakeholder. Our initiative of safe milk mission has identified 3 spots of farmer , consumer and trade channel where such awareness campaigns could make the difference. Efforts in this regard from Amul, Chitale, Mother dairy are few of the initiatives which are visible now and making difference.

In last few months we have raised the issue of scientific culling of animals and very recently on providing green corridor to the cattle transportation. On one side our respected prime minister talk of actions against Gau rakshak and on the other side he is not bringing clarity on his government’s stand on scientific animal management or culling ( of old, non productive, male calves ). Indian farm economics is surviving due to high demand and not due to low costs. The poor farmer is in dilemma on what to do with its unproductive animals and particularly genetically weak male calves. The recent example of a Gaushala where around 1000 cows died due to strike by the staff is a clear indication of how unviable is it to maintain animals in any format. Unfortunately it happened in the state having a maiden cow protection ministry.The government need to filter religion out of dairy farm economics for the sake of industry.

I heard a senior government official at one of the forum mentioning that allowing conditional culling of animal requires constitutional amendment as it is a state issue. I do not understand constitution much but I feel the government must look seriously into bringing two bills on scientific animal management and safe transportation of animals. There could also be initiative like ( which I think were proposed by the last government) having one government slaughter house at each district.

We may have a national conference on this issue and let the collective wisdom of all stakeholder take the right decision.

There is a good news for dairy industry as global indices on milk based commodities is rising and “Acchhe din” (“Happy days”may soon be coming. Amen !!

Happy e reading.
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Kuldeep Sharma
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