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Prabhat’s Dairy’s unique initiative to skill Indian youth – Prabhat Academy

Prabhat dairy Ltd an integrated milk and dairy products company in India has recently launched its ‘Prabhat Sales Academy’. Its the first time a Dairy company in India has started a sales academy to enhance the sales skills of Indian youth.

The year 2016’s batch will be their first batch.

With Prabhat Academy they aim to have competent sales employees by enhancing capability on periodical interventions resulting into increase in productivity

Prabhat Academy has been conceptualised, designed and executed by Mr. Dinkar Suri, CEO Retail Market Movers in conjunction with and well known trainer from the FMCG industry Mr Sunil Harbal who will conduct this rigorous training and skilling programme for the Academy. Mr. Sunil Haribal is a well known face in the B2C sales training for the companies like Coca Cola, Crompton Greaves, and Anchor etc while Mr Dinkar Suri and his firm Retail Market Movers have earned plaudits for their special expertise in Sales Development & Execution in the FMCG industry.

Mr. Sunil Haribal is a well known face in the B2C sales training for the companies like Coco Cola, Crompton Greaves, and Anchor

The procedure involves that the Master Trainers from Sunil Haribal’s team accompanies the sales associates for on the job intervention. Prabhat has named this unique programme as ‘EKLAVYA’. Prabhat Dairy Ltd caters to institutional as well as retail customers.

Prabhat has named this unique programme as ‘EKLAVYA’.


80% – On the Job certification of B2C Sales Employees
20% – Feedback & Classroom sessions

They key highlights of this academy are to making Selling a Science through organized way of working, Quantify parameters for evaluation, developing action Plans for Areas of Improvement for respective sales employee, Pre & Post intervention evaluation.

Prabhat Dairy Ltd produces fresh, dry, frozen, cultured and fermented dairy products, including pasteurized milk, flavoured milk, sweetened condensed milk, ultra-pasteurised or ultra-high temperature (UHT) milk, yoghurt, dairy whitener, clarified butter (ghee), milk powder, ingredients for baby foods, lassi and chaas.

Prabhat has 2 state of the art manufacturing units at Shrirampur (Ahmednagar) and Turbhe (Navi Mumbai).They have established automated production facilities at their Shrirampur and Navi Mumbai facilities equipped with advanced technology which ensures operational efficiencies including lower production losses, strict quality control and ability to process large orders.

Prabhat Dairy Ltd has been recognised for its work in developing one of the leading brands in the dairy products industry in India with strong consumer recognition, particularly in the State of Maharashtra.



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