From grass to glass

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From grass to glass: Netherlands – India dairy sector partnership


India is the world’s largest dairy producer and consumer but the average,output of an Indian cow is only ten to fifteen percent compared to Dutch cows how to boost the output of Indian cows and how to build a healthy prosperous and sustainable Indian dairy industry the answer reliable dairy supply chains complete solutions will pave the path for boosting productivity increasing ,profits and securing food quality the Duchess experts in providing complete dairy solutions from glass to grass by working closely together.

India and the Netherlands can make the Indian dairy sector future proof ,why are the Dutch qualified to do so because the Dutch can build upon a long tradition in dairy farming and dairy processing the Dutch of proven worldwide that the Dutch way of farming provides the best quality dairy products combining Dutch dairy expertise with local Indian knowledge will lead to high quality products the Dutch aim is to forge long-term partnerships with the Indian dairy sector for higher profitability.

It will be the foundation of a leading partnership for healthy cattle dairy and people together.

The Netherlands and India will provide effective and efficient solutions in the fields of farm management and practical skills animal genetics animal health animal feed dairy processing complete chain architecture sustainable social entrepreneurship.

We support our partners by introducing a complete approach addressing all vital disciplines by enhancing the level of expertise and management skills we will improve the quality of your livestock and dairy products the Dutch are committed to increase productivity reduce costs and make dairy farming and processing more profitable  India and the Netherlands building a healthy prosperous and sustainable Indian dairy industry together.

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