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Dairy farm owner looted at gunpoint in Loni


GHAZIABAD: A dairy farm owner was allegedly looted of Rs 3.5 lakh at gunpoint in the Loni area of Ghaziabad on Thursday. The incident took place at around 1:30 pm in Balram Nagar which falls under the limits of Loni Border police station.

The victim has been identified as one Pervez (37) who runs a dairy farm near the Loni T-point. According to police, Pervez was riding a motorcycle at the time of the incident. He had placed the bag, with the cash inside, on the tank of the motorcycle.

Three bike-borne assailants waylaid Pervez near Balram Nagar Gate and allegedly threatened him with guns. The men allegedly fled in the direction of Delhi after snatching the bag away from Pervez.

Pervez was carrying the cash in order to deposit it in a bank in Balram Nagar. No FIR had been registered in the matter till reports last came in. Cops have questioned Pervez about the sequence of events leading to the loot.

“We have gathered some CCTV footage from the area where Pervez was looted. The video footage has provided police with vital leads into the incident,” said a police official.



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