Dairy farm- An interview with the leading farmer

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Start-up advice from beginning farmers
“Get a positive credit and community history built up in the area where you want to farm. Get references and individuals, especially farmers and ag support people, on your side.”
“Do it yourself whenever possible. Production costs can be controlled if you are willing and able to do more than you hire someone else to do. Buy used equipment and maintain it.”
“Get experience on someone else’s farm before going it on your own. Build equity in cattle while you work.”
“Remember, you can’t have it all the first year. Add or improve something every year, but take it gradually.”
“Be willing to start with a farm that needs work to get a better deal on the purchase or rental price.”
“Listen to other farmers.”
“If you can, milk a barn full of cows rather than starting with too few and not having enough cash flow.”
“Don’t get too far in debt. Specifically, stay at or under $2,000 per cow.”
“Management skills are key. Work smarter, not harder.”



SOURCEkingvet salem
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