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Allahabad Dairy (Mamta Milk)

Source : Youtube

Allahabad Dairy’s commercial production started in January 1998. The milk-processing unit is located at the outskirts of the major town in Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad. It was set up at a cost of rupees 8 million and employees about 25 people. Though the registered plant capacity is 9,750 litres per day however, all the key machines are of higher capacity and the plant’s capacity can be raised to 40,000 litres per day. The plant is almost fully automatic.

Milk is procured from Allahabad district and also from the villages of neighboring districts as per need. However, company also procures milk from the immediate neighboring farmers of the area around the processing plant. Apart from maintaining hygienic conditions at the processing stage, we in fact, start from the place of origin, the farmers. The milk is tested, filtered, weighed, chilled, pasteurized, skimmed and pouched in food-grade pouches. Our quality control laboratory is well equipped and maintains quality of products. The milk is tested with utmost care with the help of modern equipment.
Milk is packed untouched and hygienically by automatic machines. Allahabad Dairy is the processor and producer of pasteurized milk, butter oil, cottage cheese, table butter, curd, mattha, all under the brand name of Mamta.

Our milk and milk products are distributed to retailers through route distributors to around 800 retail outlets twice daily. There is no system of intermediaries or brokers in the distribution of our products. We use trucks, jeeps and three wheeler for the distribution.
Allahabad Dairy’s future plans are divided into two stages.

* To enhance Butter making facilities.
* Do extensive marketing with advertising support.
* Utilize 100% plant’s capacity
* To open company’s shops.
*To procure refrigerated vans.

* To add balancing machines and raise capacity to 40,000 litres per day.
* To add Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP) manufacturing plant.
Corporate Mission:
* Working with suppliers,
* Building alliances,
* Thriving on trust and loyalty.