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CavinKare Launches India’s First Ready To Serve Fruit Milkshakes

When you’re craving something cool and refreshing to drink, there are a lot of options on the market. From street stalls there are delights like nimbu paani, coconut water and sugarcane juice. From FMCG companies, there are options like carbonated drinks, juices and sherbets. And now, thanks to CavinKare, there are ready to drink milkshakes – the first of their kind in India.


In a statement to reporters, C K Ranganathan, the chairman and managing director of CavinKare said “We are proud to present Cavin’s Fruit Milkshake, India’s first ambient dairy product with the combined benefits of fruit, milk and honey. This completely differentiated product is a rich source of calcium, proteins and vitamins. This is one drink which is suitable for daily consumption. CavinKare is committed to the ambient dairy business.”

He added that CavinKare has invested Rs.40 crore in milkshakes and plans to spend a further Rs.30 crore in them along with similar lines of products.

The milkshakes will be available in mango, apple and guava flavours for Rs.25 for 200 ml. They will have a shelf life of sic months and have no added preservatives.

While it’s the first company to launch pre-packaged milkshakes, CavinKare is no stranger to the F&B segment. They sell a variety of foods and beverages including pickles, peanut candy, culinary paste, namkeens (under the Garden namkeens brand) and MA fruit drinks. They also manufacture a range of dairy products under the Cavin’s brand like Cavin’s Curd, Cavin’s paneer and Cavin’s lassi.

The new fruit milkshakes also fall under the Cavin’s brand; CavinKare’s Fruit Milkshakes were launched on June 9th in Tamil Nadu and will be available in the rest of South India over the next few months.