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Gujarat contributes 7.99% to total milk production of India. The state is on third rank in this regard. the figures belong to year 2014-15. First and second rannks are enjoyed by Uttar Pradesh and Rajastahan respectively.

As per the official figures, last year total milk production in Gujarat was 11,690.57 thousand tonne. Banaskantha district stood number one in milk production in Gujarat.

As per this latest survey, Gujarat produces daily 32,000 tonne milk per day.

As per this survey in year 2014-15 cows produced 4999.32 thousand tonne milk which was 42.76% of total milk production in Gujarat. It was 0.70% higher than earlier year. There were 6.69 lakh cows in Gujarat in this year.

54.95% milk in Gujarat was produced by buffelos which was 6423.64 thousand tonne. Total number on buffalo in survey year was 90.66 lakh. On an average one buffelo produces 4.075 kg milk per day, while cow produces 5.64 kg milk per day. Cross breed cow gives average 9.084 kg milk.

2.29% milk was produced by goats that are found 49.77 lakh in number. Total milk production through goats was 267,000 tonne. Per day milk production per goat is 0.35 kg.

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Gujarat witnessed 5.20% increase in milk production compared to previous year.

In year 2013-14, the total milk production in Gujarat was 11112.67 thousand tonne which was in 2014-15 11690.57 thousand tonne.

Within Gujarat, Banaskanths district contributes highest 13.19% share of total milk production in state followed by Sabarkantha 9.31%, Mahesana 7.03%m Kheda 5.33%, Junagadh 4.81%, Panchmahal 4.75%, Rajkot 4.67%, Anand 4.48%, Kutch 3.93%, Bhavnagar 3.92%, Vadodara 3.86%, Surendranagar 3.64%, Surat 3.61%, Surat 3.61%, Ahmedabad 3.46%, Patan 3.32%, Gandhinagar 3.27%, Jamnagar 3.09%, Amreli 2.84%, Dahod 2.48%, Navsari 2.07%, Tapi 1.99%, Valsad 1.48%, Bharuch 1.30%, Porbandar 1.26%, Narmada 0.67% and Dang 0.23%.