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Growth and expansion of Indian Dairy Industry

Recently, Sure Pure, had been pleased to announce that its patented photo purification technology will be used in Northern India in order to broaden the access to a safe, high quality milk to the consumers along with improving the livelihood of local  Dairy farmers .

Sure Pure is a global leader in liquid phyto purification, catering green alternative to pasteurization and chemicals. Making use of its patented Turbulator Technology, the sur Puresystems uses UV-c light to purify microbiologically sensitive liquids such as wine, fruit juice and milk. It can be harnessed to improve processing liquids such as water, brines and sugar syrup solutions, even animal blood plasma. The so called initiative of this company termed as “Mildful Milk” is headed by Abhijit Maid.

Along with Abhijit Maid, it is being supported by Pankaj Uttarwar, Director of Research and Development and Strauss, CEO and founder of Straus Family creamery. As such this pilot project is utilizing Sure Puree’s patented finesse photo purification technology to pasteurize and extend the shelf life of many farmers’ cow’s milk. Compacted with implementation of more sanitary milking, handling process and henceforth the creation of a direct-to-consumer sales model, it will eventually change the life of #Dairy farmers in rural India.

As India is having the highest number of #milk population in the world, Devendra Shah, Chairman of Parag Milk Foods Pvt. Ltd, suggested a slew of measures for the development of the Indian Dairy Industry as a whole, benefiting millions of farmers.

Despite shifting from small farm holdings to larger farm holdings owing to the lower productivity of animals and shrinkage of farm holdings, there has been a phenomenal hindrance in obtaining the licenses for importing live animals, semen, embryos, vaccines, fodder,etc. everything meant for the cattle itself.

As such, the Government should allow free and duty free import of semen and other requirements of the dairy farms like, allowing the import of Semen, Embryos and Live animals for captive use under OGL, allocating a license for importing vaccines and veterinary drugs specific to herd needs, permitting the import of Dry cow therapy, allowing easy access of fodder like alfalfa in the country by making its import as free and duty free, subsidizing the usage of sexed semen and also arranging to make this technology cost effective.

Indian Dairy Industry

In addition to this buffer stocking mechanism for #Dairy commodities should be put into practice by providing the Indian Dairy Industry, Corporation with sufficient funds for buying and warehousing the stocks of milk solids.

In this manner the essential commodities will not be commissioned to any existing agency, already engaged in this sector having the sole motto to make profit   even during times of shortage in supply.

Certain other things Shah is hoping to hear from the Finance Minister this time round are, 15 year exemption from direct and indirect tax in connection with the integrated dairy projects, subsidizing of the dairy companies in respect of capital investment for milk preservation and cold chain infrastructure, classifying the advances to dairy companies under priority sector lending and moreover, assistance in R&D and in export of consumer products.



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