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Thousands of farmers on Saturday collected at Patel Stadium during Saras Sahakar Mahakumbh here. They were demanding that the Centre should provide fodder at half the rate and also give a subsidy to farmers involved in milk production. More than 500 villages in the district have been affected by drought, which is a major cause for concern among the farmers.

Cattle Farmer in Rajasthan

A meeting of all the cooperatives of Saras Dairy of the district was also held. Despite the drought and decreasing milk production the rate of Saras milk (double toned, toned and full cream) has been decreased by Rs 4, the lowest in the state. This was officially announced in the meeting. The price will remain in force till March 2016. Ramchandra Choudhary, Saras Dairy chairman at district level said, “This will increase the dairy’s production and we will also have an edge over competitors. This is pure management skill. Every employee of the dairy is working hard for this”. The farmers said that the major problem they face these days is of unattended and abandoned calves that have been freed from animal traders by activists. Since the cattle have no place to go, they enter the farms and eat and destroy the crop.

“If Hindu activists wanted to save the calves then they should have also thought of keeping them safely somewhere and not let them roam freely. That would have been good,” said Choudhary.