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Parag Milk Foods’ farm-to-home premium milk ‘Pride of Cows’ now in Surat

Mumbai, 14th December, 2016: Parag Milk Foods Ltd, leading manufacturers and marketers of dairy-based branded foods in India with focus on health & nutrition has announced its plans to enter the Surat market with its’ premium quality, farm-to-home offering, ‘Pride of Cows’ (POC).

Speaking on the initiative, Mr. Devendra Shah, Chairman, Parag Milk Foods Ltd. said, “In line with the culture & rich heritage of Surat which is evident even in the culinary habits we at Parag Milk Foods have identified huge opportunity in this market. We believe that Pride of Cows will cater to a growing audience of health-conscious consumers who want the healthiest milk on their dining tables. With Pride of Cows, we aim to ensure that the purity this milk provides is nothing less than the preciousness of a diamond. I am sure our esteemed customers in Surat will love the premium quality of the milk and enjoy the health benefits that it will provide them.

Mahesh Israni, Chief Marketing Officer, Parag Milk Foods Ltd, asserted, “At Bhagyalaxmi Dairy Farm we love our cows and treat them with care and affection which can be felt in the overall taste and feel of ‘Pride of Cows’ which is reflective in its growing popularity across Mumbai and Pune. The brand has been conceived at an exclusive level of marketing with the “By Invitation “philosophy.

The route of customer acquisition through referrals from existing clients, website request or through exclusive fairs and in all these cases its finally with the POC team visiting the customer home. We want to forge a emotional bond with our clients. We now focus on initiatives like food exhibitions, school contact programmes, kids carnivals etc to create awareness about the quality of milk and its health benefits. Our digital focus with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube is with the Aim of reaching out to the discerning audience

Currently, the company sells Pride of Cows in Mumbai and Pune to over 30,000 strong customer base. The unique F2H (Farm to Home) initiative allows customers’ access to milk which is produced without human touch at Bhagyalaxmi Dairy Farm at Manchar, near Pune, using state-of-the-art technology and global best practices.

POC is first of its kind to use temperature controlled logistics in order to deliver a unique taste and experience to its customers. This premium quality of milk is clean and low in bacterial count, which makes it a healthy alternative. POC milk needs no boiling and is high in nutritional value, specially packaged, carefully handled and hand delivered to the customer’s door-step every morning. It bears a distinct flavor of delicious full bodied milk, which is richer and creamier than regular milk.

With the entire supply chain managed by the company, Pride of Cows will be available in Surat at an MRP Rs. 90/- per litre at your doorstep. Customers can also choose a digital method of consuming the milk, i.e by subscribing and placing the order via ‘Pride of Cows’ app that can be downloaded from:

Android Users:

Apple Users:

About Pride of Cows:

F2H is the Farm to home concept developed by experts in Bhagyalaxmi Farm in Manchar. This farm to home milk is to avoid milk adulteration and it ensures complete hygiene. The concept is called Pride of cows Milk which is richer, creamier milk that tastes better than anything one has experienced before.

About Parag Milk Foods:

Parag Milk Foods Limited, established in 1992, is a privately owned dairy products company. They have their own manufacturing facility with in-house technology. Their manufacturing facilities are strategically located at Manchar, Maharashtra and Palamaner, Andhra Pradesh.

Parag Milk Foods with their own dairy farm, Bhagyalaxmi Dairy Farm Private Limited where they host over 2000 Holstein breed cows, which have mechanized milking process. Under brand “Gowardhan” the company offers traditional products like Ghee, Dahi, Paneer etc. while under brand name “Go” they offer products like cheese, UHT milk, yogurt etc. “Pride of Cows”, the flagship brand of Parag Milk Foods was introduced with a proposition of Farm to Home concept targeted towards customers seeking premium quality cow milk. Finally, the company forayed into dairy-based beverages with the launch of “Topp Up”, a brand targeted towards consumers on the move seeking quick nourishment and fulfillment.

Parag Milk Foods Ltd. believes in quality and value for their consumers.



SOURCEPrachi Sharan
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