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The Dakshina Kannada Milk Union (DKMUL), part of the Karnataka Cooperative Milk Federation (KMF), on Wednesday launched conventional buttermilk, the first by any milk union in South India.

While all the 14 milk unions under KMF, including DKUML, produce spicy buttermilk, for the first time conventional buttermilk is brought out to suit consumer needs, said Union Managing Director B.V. Satyanarayana.

DKMUL launches conventional buttermilk

He told The Hindu in the backdrop of the launch function here that while the spicy butter milk is nothing but diluted curd with added spices, the conventional buttermilk is derived from conventional method of churning the curd.

The union has targeted two kinds of customers for this product. One is hoteliers and others, for whom the buttermilk would serve as the base product to prepare a variety of flavoured/ spicy buttermilk. The other is households who actually wish to consume buttermilk but have no time to prepare the same.

About 10,000 litres of buttermilk can be produced by DKMUL a day. It comes in 1 lt. pack and is priced at Rs. 35, Mr. Satyanarayana added. The pack has a distinct colour enabling consumers to identify it.