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A large number of milk producers in the district has been relying on private dairy plants for marketing their milk in the absence of a milk route by ‘Aavin’.

Most affected are the milk producers of Thuraiyur and Uppliyapuram who supply their produce to private dealers.

According to farmers of Shobanapuram on the foot of Pachamalai, though they used to supply milk to Aavin, the arrival of vehicles was erratic. They had immediately shifted supply to private dairy unit.

Hundreds of suppliers of Shobanapuram and neighbouring villages supplied milk to the private unit because of prompt payment.

R. Kiruba, Joint Director of the Tiruchi District Farmers Producers Club, which runs about 20 milk societies in and around Thuraiyur, points out that the entire production was being despatched to a private unit.

Their repeated plea with the Aavin authorities to procure the milk had fallen on deaf ears. She said that farmers were supplying milk to the private unit.

                   Aavin Milk Dairy


In fact, the company has been earning profit out of its daily milk production of 8,000 litres. According to official sources, the Aavin needs to establish its milk routes in several parts of the district in general.