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Mother Dairy India Having plans to expand its business at an accelerating rate over the next couple of years

Of late Mother Dairy India had launched the premium ice cream, Belgian Choco bar, in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore, which may stand as a perfect competitor towards the premium ice cream categories like HUL, which had introduced its premium brand Magnum and Haagen Dazs, following the importing of Ice Creams. The price of this very product will be marginally less than HUL’s Magnum as Rs.80 against Rs.85.

During the summer months of last year that had launched ice cream containing exotic fruits like the oranges from Brazil, Pineapple, and kiwi from Vietnam, vanilla from France and cranberry from the United States. Also the company has firmed up its plans towards the launching office candies and newer flavors of ice cream, this summer. So, they are expecting a turnover of Rs.7000 crore in the current fiscal, as compared to Rs.6364 in 2013-14.

The Lic Lolleez range of ice candies launched by Mother Dairy has Vitamin C enriched ice candies like orange, mango, cola and raspberry flavors. Besides the Chilz range , on the way of offering cones and chocolate bars , possesses a multi textured taste experience which  has been targeting to attract the young generation along with its Kulfi range of ice creams having flavors like pesto, Kesar, rabri, rose and poem, thus  providing an option for the traditional Indian desserts.

It has been told by the Dairy head of the Delhi based Mother Dairy, fruit and vegetable that  apart from introducing frozen desserts like sorbet, made from sweetened water, flavouring and a significant amount of fruit pulp for the first time, Mother Dairy India had also introduced chocolate gateau and caramel croquant flavours. Its frozen candy brand, Fruito Lic included Brazilian orange pulp and pineapple pulp from Philippines.

Mother Dairy also sells frozen vegetables, having ensured good quality and long durability as an alternative to  the fresh produce under the brand name, Safal, having 400 outlets in Delhi and 30 stores in Bangalore.  It has been made clear by the Business Head-Horticulture of Mother Dairy India that the eventual growth in the overall frozen vegetable market is so far flat this current, also with the launch of the frozen snacks the revenue is going to touch the Rs.60 crore margin, with a 10 % growth in revenue in the vegetable segment.

The subsidiary of the National Dairy Development Board, Mother Dairy India is on the way of planning its expansion on making its presence into the other metros, entering Chennai within a month, followed by Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

According to its course of action, this company will be firming up its distribution network and will be possessing 6000 outlets regardless of Franchisee or own in Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai for  the selling of its entire range of Dairy  products  in a period of the six to nine months.

It will also have retail outlets in each cities. The Tirupati based Balaji Dairy will be supplying milk to the regions of Hyderabad and Chennai, side by side providing access to milk and dairy products to their residents But not likely Mother Dairy Milk may not be available in Bengaluru for some time.

In the view of conferencing to the reporters, the Business Head of Milk of the Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetable, Sandeep Ghosh told commented that they will be in a position to storm  the region of Chennai within a month’s period by making available  20 products ranging from milk to lassi, yogurt, milkshake and to flavoured milk. He further combined the fact that, as these three cities are known to have milk consumption of 66 Lakh Liters per day, demographically, the company is on target to capture at least 10% of it.  Besides Mother Dairy has been working on a unique home delivery model for delivering milk to its consumers at the doorstep without any extra cost, in other respects being cheaper from others.

As such the Milk division, milk products, frozen foods and horticulture had acquired Rs.4500 crore, Rs.900 crore, Rs.700 crore and Rs.400 crore. The company had targeted to achieve Rs.10000 crore market by 2017.

It is evident that Mother Dairy India is sure to engulf the entire market in respect of milk and milk products in India especially in the metropolitan regions of our country.