Camel Milk – made its way to India

Camel milk is considered as nature’s wholesome beverage. Camel milk  exceeds cow milk/buffalo milk in its iron and vitamin content, it has also medicinal value-good for treating autism and diabetes.

Camel is known as ship of Desert. Camel is a very important part of arid and semi arid region of India. In India basically two kinds of camels are found camelus bacterianus, found in Ladakh region and Camelus dromedarius, found in semi arid area of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Haryana.

Camel milk has low lactose content, so easily digestible and good for them who are suffering from lactose intolerance. For its health benefits it is extremely popular in Middle East countries. But in India, Camels are domesticated by desert people mainly for transportation and drought purpose.

Late 90s people have understood the importance of camel milk, some local breeder in Rajasthan came forward to sell camel milk.. Local Rebari community sells and consumes camel milk in Rajasthan.

Camel Milk –made its way to India

National Research Centre was established in Bikaner under ICAR. NRCC are now focusing on camel milk and derived different products from it, NRCC  are selling hot camel milk, ghee, paneer, ice-cream made from camel milk in their parlors this parlor is very popular among tourists.

Camel Charisma is the only foundation, established by Lokhit pashu Palan sansthanin 2011 sells camel milk in Rajasthan. In 2013 Sarhad Dairy proposed to collect and market camel milk and now waiting for FSSAI’S approval. Largest dairy cooperative brand Amul now plans to market camel milk.The Gujarat Government has approved Rs 1 Cr for this project. They are planning a production unit in Kutch region.

The Department of Animal husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries has requested FSSAI for making a standard for production and marketing of camel milk.

FSSAI has set up an expert committee for formulation of new standards and guidelines for production and selling of camel milk in India.

UAE-based luxury chocolate brand Al Nassma has  introduced camel milk chocolate in India on November,2015.Initially this chocolates are now available at Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore (KIAB).

So camel milk has already made its first step towards commercialized production and gaining popularity among Indian dairy players.

At last we can hope that we can get packaged camel milk and other products  prepared from camel milk in Indian market very soon Once FSSAI gave its approval.