Shrikhand – A traditional value added dairy product

Shrikhand – A traditional  value added dairy product

Shrikhand is an indigenous fermented milk product prepared from lactic fermented curd. shrikhand is a popular dessert after meals in Western India-Maharashtra and Gujarat. It is considered as a festive sweet dish. It is widely consumed for its refreshing and cooling effect. It is directly consumed or used for making shrikhand wadi sweet.

Shrikhand contains ‘good bacteria’, namely lactic acid bacteria, which is good for health, it contains protein and calcium which boosted the health of teeth and bone. In today’s lifestyle health conscious people have included shrikhand in their daily diet.

The name shrikhand is derived from a  Sanskrit word “Shikharini”.There are many opinions about the origin of shrikhand. One of popular opinion says that Bhim, a character in Mahabharata has invented this recipe and named it after ‘Shri Krishna’ and another say that it was invented in Mudpaak Khana of  Peshwa Bajirao in Maharashtra.

Shrikhand is a natural mood lifter without any preservatives, this semi soft, sweetish-sour product is mainly  made in home from Chakka.Chakka is a solid mass ,obtained from Curd/Dahi after removing the whey from it. This chakka is mixed with adequate quantity of sugar ,Sometimes dry fruits are also added to enhance its taste.

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A popular variation of shrikhand is consumed in Maharashtra as Amrakhand or Mango shrikhand, here shrikhand is blended with Mango pulp. In Gujarat, particularly in Khambhat region, chilled liquefied shrikhand is served with rose petals, known as ‘Shedki ‘ and it is particularly served in earthen pots.

In India, Amul first started Shrikhand as a commercialized product.

Chitale dairy, Gokul Dairy, Warana and Mahananda Dairy in, Maharashtra are now marketing shrikhand.

At last, we can hope other dairy companies  will come up with new products idea as well as traditional dairy products like shrikhand.