Milkmantra – emerges as potential Dairy company

Milkmantra – emerges as potential Dairy company

Odisha-based Milkmantra , a dairy start up ,backed up by Fidelity Growth Partners and IDBI bank made its mark by focusing on delivering truly pure milk and milk products to consumers in Odisha and other states of India. Milk Mantra sells milk and milk-based products under Milky Moo Brand.

Srikumar Misra, a XIMB alumni started Milkmantra in 2009 after leaving his successful corporate career. Milkmantra have built dairy processing plants in Gop and Sambhalpur. Milkmantra’s dairy farmers has been producing 80,000 litres milk per day from this two units.Apart from that the company has been selling Dahi, Probiotic Dahi , Lassi, Buttermilk and Paneer and milkshake. Milkmantra developed an ethical Milk sourcing program and integrated dairy supply chain and processing facility through which farmers are now directly benefiting.
Milkmantra now has around 35000 network farmers.Around 60% of their group associates who work with their 35,000 network farmers are women.

Odisha-based Milkmantra

In 2015 Milk Mantra has signed MoU with SBI to ensure growth of dairy farmers in Odisha. 

Milkmantra has raised total of $5 million from a group of investors including Aavishkaar in February 2011.

Milk Mantra has expanded its operations to Bengaluru, Hyderabad Kolkata , Mumbai and Raipur. Milkmantra is the first company in India who came up with an innovative idea of blending ayureveda with dairy products, has launched world’s first milkshake with Goodness of Haldi in 2015. Each pack of MooShake contains 0.05 percent of pure curcumin and this shake has a shelf life of 180 days In milkshake, the companyis planning to export MooShake to the US, the UK and Japan in the near future.Four other flavours are almond, chocolate, mango and strawberry.

In a short span of time around within 6 years Milkmantra has revived  sector by blending innovative product ideas with ethical milk sourcing program and became a potential dairy company in Indian Dairy sector.