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The Odisha Milk and Paddy Farmers’ Association on Saturday urged the State Government to check adulterated milk products coming into the Odisha market from West Bengal by implementing the Food Safety Act strictly.

“Adulterated milk, paneer, cheese and khua are pouring into Odisha market from Kolkata through the Laxman Nath ahead of the festive season. State milk traders and milk farmers are suffering losses as the adulterated commodities are available at cheaper rates. Hence, the Government should act swiftly to check sale of adulterated milk products,” association president Rabi Behera urged in a letter to Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare Minister Sanjay Kumar Dasburma.

Stating that the adulterated products hampers milk farmers’ livelihood and creates health hazard, Behera too urged upon the Minister to take action against the traders who are engaged in selling these products. Besides, he urged the Agriculture Minister to increase the minimum support price (MSP) of the milk and other milk products as the market price of animal feeds and fodders has gone up. The milk farmers too are facing a lot of difficulties due to sinking of grazing lands and lack of animal fodder caused due to drought.