White Revolution is seems to have put its foot on ‘White Rann’ in border district of Kutch. The Kutch District Cooperative Milk Union Ltd popularly known as Sarhad Dairy has been expanding its reach in dry and arid Kutch for milk procurement since 2009. Sarhad dairy is affiliated with Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd (GCMMF) that markets brand Amul.
Steadily, the diary sector is progressing in Kutch where animal husbandry is predominantly a major livelihood for people. The number of cattle is over 17 lakh which include 5.83 lakh cows and 3.50 lakh buffaloes.
“Sarhad dairy began its operation with procurement of 2.50 lakh litre milk in 2009 and now we have reached up to 3.25 lakh litre per day. We plan to increase this number to 5 lakh litre per day in Kutch. The region is rain-fed district and once Narmada water is arrived for irrigation, it will change the face dairy sector” Valamji Humbal, Chairma, Sarhad Dairy, told TOI.

Milk procurement
                           Milk procurement

Dairy procures milk from its 678 village milk co-operatives in Kutch and has 18 Bulk Milk Cooling Centres in Kutch. At Sarhad dairy, on an average, we procures 2.72 lakh litre milk from our 625 village milk cooperative societies in the Kutch region daily. Due to the scarcity and summer the procurement reduces.
“We process and packaged 50,000 litre milk in our plant and rest of the milk being sent to GCMMF’s Mother dairy plant in Gandhinagar” he said.
The dairy in the boarder district is expanding rapidly and offers various initiatives to children of milk cooperative members including interest free loans to study in veterinary sciences and dairy technology.
“In January 2013, we started processing plant at lakhond near Bhuj for processing milk and making milk pouch under the brand name of Amul. Currently it has capacity of 50,000 liter per day and we have planning to increase 2,00,000 liter per day by end of the year 2016” Humbal added.