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In a week’s time, Navi Mumbai resident Dwarkanath Rathi can make a big difference to your mornings – and, of course, the rest of the day as well.

The 62-year-old businessman has bought a patent from the Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL) to market a kit that can check whether the milk you get every day is adulterated or not.

“Within a week, the milk-checking kit will be out in the market,” Rathi said.
Rathi is planning to sell the TEST-O-MILK kit for Rs 1,000. You will also have to buy some strips for the test.

Rathi refused to disclose the amount he paid to buy the patent. “One day, I read about the technology developed by DRDO. I contacted them and participated in the patent-buying process. Fortunately, we got the right to own and distribute the across the globe. Even the military will buy it from us now,” Rathi said.

Rathi, who is in the oil trading and pulses business, said that in India almost 60% of the milk supplied is adulterated. “We are the biggest consumers of milk and related products, but is no foolproof, scientific tool to check it,” he said.

                             Milk Testing

“Adulterated milk is very harmful to children. The nutrient value of milk decreases even by adding water. Even the feed given to increase milk production to sick cows and buffaloes may prove harmful to children,” Samir Dalwai, president, Indian Academy of Paediatrics, Mumbai branch, said.

“By using the kit and strips, people can detect the presence of urea, ammonia fertilisers, nitrate fertilisers, pond water, starch and cereal flours, sucrose, glucose, salt, neutralisers and hydrogen peroxide,” Rathi said.
TEST-O-MILK results can be determined by observing the colour change in strips. Each kit contains a test record book, user manual, eight screw-cap bottles withstand, cleaning brush, 1 lactometer with beaker, forceps and milk dropper and 10 strips.