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There has been marginal drop in the sale of Nandini milk after the recent hike in its price. The cost was recently revised from Rs. 29 a litre to Rs. 33 a litre. “Whenever the price of any product is hiked, there is a marginal drop in sales. This is a temporary phenomenon. I am sure that the sales will pick up,” Managing Director of Mysuru Milk Union Channakrishnaiah told The Hindu.

Currently, the milk production at the union stands at 7 lakh litres per day, which was 8.5 lakh litres per day last July.

No plans to replace packaging film

The Mysuru Milk Union has no immediate plans of replacing the milk packaging film of Nandini milk with revised rates. Reason: The existing films need to be exhausted before the union can come up with new packets with the new rate on them.


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