Amul has partnered with Wow Designs, yet again, for a design makeover for its flavoured milk product, Amul Kool Milkshakes. The brand design consultancy has branded ‘Amul Kool Milkshake’ as ‘Amul Kool Shakers’.

The purpose behind the brand makeover is to connect better with the main target audiences – the youth. Wow Design came onboard to create a complete makeover for the packaging design and communication and help reconnect with the target audience.

To overcome the challenges, the agency proposed a visual hook to depict the brand personality that is the cool quotient. The idea was to communicate the brand imagery with fun, liveliness and cool factor to the TG.

Keeping the new visual imagery and graphics in mind Wow Design reframed the product description of Kool Milkshake as ‘Kool Shakers’. The cool color of blue and the new and lively graphics have accentuated the monogamous graphic to a new ‘in thing’ to appeal the youth community.

Deepti Kshirsagar, Founder – Director, Wow Design says, “The current Amul Kool Milkshake could not effectively connect with its target audience as it lacked the cool factor and was unable to attract the main target audience. The revamp of the complete packaging design has brought a refreshing look and feel to the product. To align the whole look the product was renamed as Shakers to give the product a young twist.”

Amul Kool Milkshake
                    Amul kool Milkshake

To which Saswata Das, Co-Founder & Director, Wow Design added, “The challenge was twofold – to communicate the richness of ingredients in the product as well as the fact that it’s meant for the coolest of youth. I think what really clicked well was the smart way in which we fused both the stories and made the ingredients do activities, which youth today regard as cool stuff eg. the dynamic strawberry on a skateboard.”

Rupinder Singh Sodhi, MD, Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (AMUL) said, “Practically 65% of Indian consumers are very young and so designing needs to be very contemporary to target this youth segment also. We feel that WOW Design’s work is going along with the times and also going into many of the psychological aspects also which is very good.”

Launched six years back, Wow Design is an independent Strategic Brand Design Consultancy located in Mumbai.