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Amul Dairy to set up plants at Pune, Kolkata

The Kaira District Co-operative Milk Producers Union Limited popularly known as Amul Dairy will set up two new plants at Pune and Kolkata with an investment of Rs 320 crore. While the Pune plant will have six lakh litres per day (LLPD) capacity, the Kolkata plant will process 15 lakh litres of milk per day.

“We already have a small plant at Pune but we are going to set up a new plant with six LLPD capacity which will include one LLPD capacity to manufacture ice cream,” Amul Dairy’s managing director Dr K Rathnam told TOI on the sidelines of the 70th annual general board meeting (AGM) of the dairy which was held in milk city Anand on Saturday.

For the Pune plant, Amul Dairy has already finalized land at Khed City which is being jointly promoted by the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation and Kalyani Group. “We have got 11 acres land to construct the dairy plant which should be ready in 12 to 18 months’ time,” said Rathnam, adding that the plant will require investment of Rs 120 crore.

At Kolkata, Amul processes milk and make dairy products at three plants through third party operations. There the dairy union will set up 15 LLPD complete dairy plant which will have capacity to manufacture ice cream and fermented milk products.

“We have taken land from West Bengal Industrial Corporation for setting up this plant at Kolkata which will require Rs 200 crore investment and should be ready in next 16 to 18 months,” he said.

After the two new plants, Amul Dairy’s processing capacity will reach 50 LLPD. It already has 13 plants at Anand, Mogar, Khatraj, Kanjari, Kapdivav in Gujarat apart from those at Virar, Pune, Kolkata, Punjab, Siliguri and one in United States.

Addressing the AGM at Sardar Patel Hall, Amul Dairy’s chairman Ramsinh Parmar also said that the dairy will expand its operations further to Guwahati and Jamshedpur. Applauding the hard work of producer members in procuring more than 71 crore kilograms of milk during the year, he informed the gathering that the dairy had achieved Rs 4,825 crore annual turnover during the last financial year which is an increase of 17 % compared to last year.

“Despite increasing cost of inputs and volatility in dairy business all over the world, we could pay Rs 661 per kilogram fat to the farmers,” he said.



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