On the backdrop of violation of pollution norms by OMFED and the subsequent notification of the Odisha State Pollution Control Board (OSPCB) to ensure proper treatment of the waste water before discharge, in the latest developments OSPCB has asked OMFED to set up a waste treatment plant within 11 months.

The OSPCB has issued a notice to the leading dairy producer in the State, asking it to ensure strict compliance of anti-pollution measures, treatment facility of waste water before releasing the effluents to water bodies.

OMFED Parlour
                        OMFED Parlour

The OSPCB has agreed to grant OMFED 11 months time period for establishing a treatment plant while it has said, that it would inspect the undergoing construction process and thereafter the treatment process every four months, said Regional Director of OSPCB Hadibandhu Panigrahi.

Notably, the pollution levels of effluents discharged from OMFED plant was found to be out of limits. That it may certainly pose major health risks to the city dwellers, as it kept polluting Kuakhai and its tributaries, so the issue on getting highlighted by the media, the OSPCB had issued a show cause notice and asked OMFED to establish a treatment plant at the earliest.