Alumni Association of Southern Region Station (SRS) of National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI), Bengaluru, views that sensory, physical, chemical, textural, microbiological and nutritional quality plays a major role in enhancing the value of dairy foods and thus facilitate its marketing.

There is a growing awareness among consumers and food business operators on quality of processed foods. Now based on the demand for dairy foods, manufacturers have started appreciating that quality is an important tool for the value addition of the milk products, according to Dr K Jayaraj Rao, principal scientist, dairy technology section, NDRI Southern Region.

“Supply of quality foods would help in fetching good returns and consolidating an assured niche market, besides improving their brand value. Several practices like the good agriculture practices, good animal husbandry practices, food manufacturing practices, good lab practices, along with quality management systems and food safety management are being used as tools in improving the quality and safety of foods,” he added.

India is the largest milk producing country with many traditional dairy foods with an excellent scope for commercialisation. The sector is poised to become globally competitive and capture the international market. However to achieve this, we need to improve the quality of our milk and milk products, upgrade the processes and packaging to provide traditional dairy foods with an extended shelf life, as per the Alumni Association of SRS NDRI.

Dairy Products
                               Dairy Products

In order to reinstate the need for the highest quality standards of dairy products, a national seminar on ‘Quality – A tool for value addition of Dairy Foods’ was organised in Bengaluru recently by the Alumni Association of SRS, NDRI.

The objective of the seminar was to create awareness among the consumers as well as professionals that only quality was the foremost consideration for dairy foods being sold in the market.

The seminar was inaugurated by Dr Suresh Honnappagol, animal husbandry commissioner, Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi, along with Prof. R N Srinivas Gowda, former VC, KVAFSU, Bengaluru, and P Nagaraju, chairman, Karnataka Milk Federation.

Stressing on the importance of quality in dairy foods, Dr Honnappagol asked the alumni to put up their recommendations discussed. Prof. Srinivas Gowda emphasised the importance of quality milk production.

Dr K P Ramesha, chairman, organising committee; Dr K Jayaraj Rao, organising secretary; and Dr Siddaramanna, secretary, alumni association; were also present. Poster and Students’ Oral paper presentations were also conducted and the best papers were awarded.

Dr M Mahadevappa, former chairman, Agricultural Scientists’ Recruitment Board, and Dr Shivaram Bhat, additional director, Karnataka Department of Animal Husbandry & Vetrinary Services; were the chief guests at the valedictory event.

Dr Mahadevappa emphasised on the need to educate milk producers and personnel involved in processing and marketing, about the quality of perishable dairy foods.