At the age of 72, retired medical practitioner Dr Subah Masih is enjoying second innings of life by running a dairy farm with monthly earning of Rs 2 lakh.
Mungali district-based Masih was initially guided by Livestock Development Department (LDD), through which he took a subsidy of Rs 75,000 under dairy entrepreneurship development scheme. “It has been three years since I am running my diary-farm. I own 22 cows and 12 buffaloes, which give 200 litres of milk everyday, giving an earning of Rs 6-7,000 everyday,” he said and added that he bought best breeds of livestock from Punjab and Haryana to maintain best quality of milk for his customers.
Masih is renowned in his region for humility and rendering services to people in health sector. He owns two and half acres of agriculture land on, some part of which, he grows sudangrass, that is primarily used for animal grazing, pasture and hay. Since it returns biomass to the soil, it is economical to use this fertilizer. Masih makes sure that for healthy and tasty milk, the livestock are given to eat feed along with sudangrass, which is rich in calcium.


While discussing the problems faced in initial phase Masih said, “When I started, there were few customers and surplus milk. I then bought a machine for preparing by-products of milk like butterfat, khoa and others. These are refrigerated and sold in market as per requirement and at ease.”
Veterinary extension officer Dr Vinod Singh Tomar said, “Masih has set an example for people to take up an earning opportunity in dairy-business. The department offers help and guidelines from purchasing livestock to avail subsidy, bank procedures besides giving free of cost seeds for growing healthy green grass for pasture.”