India — The dreadful dairy farming drawbacks, depleting natural resources and rising milk adulteration crisis in the country, are the major causes that prompted Mothers Pride Dairy to organize “Sahayak” and “Go Green” initiatives, as part of their CSR activities.

Sahayak Initiatives

Through its Sahayak initiatives, Mothers Pride Dairy, aims to bring together the dairy farming challenges and use of responsible and safe farming techniques, transparent payment processes and corporate benefits.

Sahayak – An industry first initiative by Mothers Pride Dairy for Farmers

The first Sahayak event was held on 22nd and 23rd May, 2015 at Anandpur, Block-Bahjoi, District Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh. The event was one of a kind platform for farmers that addressed their concerns and empowered them with the right techniques of farming, agricultural processes and corporate benefits. The initiative was aimed at making farmers’ self-sustainable by informing them about the role of Sahayaks’ in the process, ways of selecting appropriate Fodder, Bank Loan, Education Loan, Cattle Insurance and Crop Insurance.

Sahayak –A Mothers Pride Dairy Initiative for Introducing Transparency in Payment Processes

With the second event, Mothers Pride Dairy, aims to contribute towards eradicating milk adulteration and introducing a transparent and a safer payment system with Vodafone M-Pesa. The event was held on 8th and 9th August, 2015 at Sambhal. The objective behind organizing this event was to bring forth the obstacles faced by farmers, milk adulteration causes and the implementation of appropriate ways to overcome these problems. In addition to presenting transparent payment processes, they are also planning to develop Rural E-commerce setup for villages, which will ultimately reduce the merchandise cost.

Go Green Initiative

As the first step towards going green, a Go Green initiative was announced by Mothers Pride Dairy to promote the conservation of natural resources using non-conventional sources of energy such as Solar Power and Bio Gas. Combining industry expertise and environmentally responsible practices, Mothers Pride Dairy, aims to maintain an ecological balance. By actively being part of this initiative, they have planted around 500 trees and also aim to install solar lights in the villages for enhancing overall economic activity.

Mothers Pride Dairy
Mothers Pride Dairy

About Mothers Pride Dairy

Mothers Pride Dairy, is a premium dairy brand dedicated towards collecting, processing and delivering fresh dairy products.

Known for its CSR initiatives, the company also intends to fulfill its commitment to offer an enhanced farming experience, eliminating milk adulteration from the process and promoting the use of eco-friendly practices.