“The tap really is your dairy industry. If you do not

“The tap really is your dairy industry. If you do not close the tap or regulate the dairy industry and merely say you can’t kill them or transport them, then where will these animals go?” he said.

These revised set of rules follow a letter written by Women and Child Development Minister Gandhi, who is also an animal rights activist.

In a letter dated November 7, 2016 she had written to Environment Minister Anil Madhav Dave “to bring in an amendment to the Registration of Cattle Premises Rules, 1978.”

She had also also highlighted the condition of 10 prominent dairies, including Masoodpur, Ghazipur and Goga, in Delhi.

“None of the dairies rear male calves or even allow a few days of nursing to the young animals and send them off to slaughter … The overcrowding of animals in urban dairies is so severe that buffaloes are also stuffed into basements of tiny plots,” Gandhi wrote.

As per the inspection report on Ghazipur and Masoodpur dairies prepared in December 2015, it was found that there was poor sanitation, high mortality rate among animals and instances of theft of buffaloes by butcher gangs also came to light. PTI JC KIS