Youth urged to take up dairy farming

Ponda: Stating that 4.5 lakh litres is the daily milk requirement of Goa, Industries Minister Mahadev Naik has called upon the youth to take up dairy farming by availing the benefits of the various government schemes.Speaking during the launch of Goa Dairy’s ‘Supreme Cattle feed,’ he said many youth are approaching ministers and MLAs to get government jobs, which is not possible for all.

He further informed that there are 169 primary dairy societies in Goa and added that the farmers need to be trained to increase the milk production.

The Government has constructed a Cooperative Bhavan at Ponda, which will be inaugurated on November 14, he informed.

Goa Dairy Chairman Madhav Sahakari, Veterinary Director Dr Santosh Desai, Ravi Lahane, Dr Aman Sayyad, Rajesh Parwar, Lahane, Pradeep Mahajan, Dr Navsu Sawanth, Directors of Goa Dairy and Animal Husbandry were present.

Goa Dairy chairman Madhav Sahakari said, “In Goa, dairy farming does not prove to be financially rewarding. Milk production is like an addiction to the farmer, who despite losses, carry on with their activities. Goa Dairy is planning to provide better facilities to the farmers including cattle feed and other facilities.

The main reason is the cost of the feed. Deficiency and underfeeding further worsens the situation affecting the economics of dairy farms badly.”

He hoped that the Supreme Cattle feed will help to enhance milk production.Dr Santosh Desai declared that farmers achieving the highest milk production annually will be awarded a cash prize of Rs one lakh and a certificate.[H]