Sudden increase in dairy cattle prices

Indore: Higher prices of dairy cattle have added to the woes of dairy farmers who are already battling lower milk output. Prices of dairy cattle have gone up by over 15 per cent after rains increased the risk of contracting diseases while demand from farmers also increased ahead of the festive season.

Prices of buffaloes and cows have surged to Rs 80,000 and Rs 50,000 respectively according to cattle traders from the animal market of Depalpur and Ujjain. According to traders, the demand for milking cattle increases ahead of festivals where the consumption of milk goes up.

Bharat Mathurawala, president, Indore Dudgh Vikreta Sangh said, “Cattle prices have gone up because in rains the chances of contracting diseases increase. Also fodder prices have been high this season.”

Cattle traders get dairy animals from the states of Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat. Dharmendra Pawar, a dairy farmer from village Sumtha said, “I have postponed my plans of buying cattle because the prices are very high. I was planning to buy two buffaloes this season but now I will buy cattle next summer when prices will fall by Rs 10,000-Rs 15,000.”

Industry is expecting consumption to milk to increase from August ahead of series of festivals such as Rakshabandhan and Ganesh Chaturthi. Meanwhile, drop in milk output and higher fodder prices had led to a price rise of Rs 1-1.5 per litres in milk in the past month.