Odisha dairy farmers pour 20,000 litre milk on road

SAMBALPUR: Annoyed over the non-procurement of milk by the Odisha State Cooperative Milk Producers’ Federation (OMFED), the dairy farmers of Bargarh district on Thursday poured thousands of litres of milk on the road at Gandhi chowk in Bargarh town.

While the farmers poured around 20,000 litres the milk, which was rejected at the chilling plant of OMFED in Bargarh town, they also opened the tap of a milk tanker, which was going through the Gandhi chowk. Around 5900 litres of milk, stored in the tanker, also flowed down on the road.

The farmers alleged that the OMFED is deliberately rejecting the milk of the dairy farmers. “Around 20,000 litres of milk of dairy farmers, procured from Bargarh-Bheden and Bargarh-Barpali route, was rejected at the chilling plant at Bargarh today.

The authority here said that the milk was rejected because of poor quality. They had tested the quality when they procured the milk from the route. However, they rejected the milk at chilling plant. They did it deliberately,” said president of the Bargarh Zilla Dugdha Utpadana Chasi Sangha, Sureswar Satpathy.

“Earlier, the OMFED was procuring around 1 lakh litres of milk from the district. However, OMFED has already curtailed the milk procurement from the district. Around 70,000 litters of milk are being procured from the district now. But they are also regularly rejecting thousands of litres of milk every day. The milk farmers are incurring huge loss because of this attitude of the OMFED. Instead of strengthening the marketing of the milk and milk produces, they are rejecting the milk of the poor farmer,” said Satpathy.

When contacted the General Manager of Samaleswari Regional Cooperative Milk Produceres’ Union Limited, K.K. Naik however, said, “The milk was not procured as it was tested positive in the adulteration test. It is not a new thing. 1000 litres of milk was rejected yesterday also. However, the agitating milk farmers today opened the tap of milk tanker and as a result thousands of litres of milk were drained on the road.”

Source : timesofindia