‘Milk producers from neighbouring States are capitalising on our market’

Kharge urges farmers in Karnataka to take up dairy farming

M. Mallikarjun Kharge, Congress leader in the Lok Sabha, has called upon farmers in the State, especially those from the Hyderabad Karnataka region, to take up dairy farming.

He was here to inaugurate Krishi Mela, a three-day annual expo of farm technology, at the agricultural research Station, off Aland Road, on Friday. The event was organised by University of Agricultural Sciences, Raichur (UAS-R), its allied institutions, the Department of Agriculture and the Hyderabad Karnataka Region Development Board.

“As we are lagging behind in milk production, milk producers from neighbouring States are capitalising on our market. We, in Hyderabad Karnataka, don’t have enough industries to employ people. A majority of people here are dependent on agriculture. They are being repeatedly hit by natural calamities. They should seriously consider dairy farming to improve their financial condition,” he said. Mr. Kharge also advised scientists at UAS-R and its affiliated institutions to provide help to farmers and promote dairy farming.

Referring to the question as to what the Congress had done in the last six decades, Mr. Kharge went on to list a number of irrigation projects such as Bhakra-Nangal, Hirakud and Alamatti, implemented by Congress governments. “We were standing in long queues for getting substandard wheat imported from the United States. Congress government at the Centre led by Jawaharlal Nehru undertook irrigation projects and expanded irrigation. It is because of such initiatives that we could achieve food security,” he said.

Lashing at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for demonetisation, the Congress leader said that the move would destabilise Indian economy to irreparable extent. “We are not against fighting against black money. But, demonetisation will in no way help eliminate black money. It will rather result in harassing common people and destroying the economy,” he said.

Medical Education Minister Sharanprakash Patil, the former Minister Qamar ul Islam, and UAS-R Vice-Chancellor P.M. Salimath were present.