Protesting the proposed hike in milk price by private dairy farms (which is set to come to effect from tomorrow), milk dealers have sought the intervention of the Tamilnadu government.

Tamilnadu Milk Dealers Welfare Association president S A Ponnuswamy told ‘News Today’, “Tamilnadu’s leading private milk production company, Hatsun (which owns Arokya brand), is planning to raise milk price by about Rs 2-5 in every variety of milk. The sudden increase in rates will force other private dairies also to follow the suit. But the saddest thing about this is that milk procurement price has not increased. While the input cost of private dairies has not gone up and fuel prices are seeing a dip, there is no need for a price hike.”

Explaining the market situation, he says, “Dealers and producers believe that private dairies are trying to monopolise the milk market. So, we urge the State government to intervene in the issue. In order to safeguard the livelihood of milk dealers, we request the government to fix the price of milk along the lines of bus and auto fares. The price must be fixed by a four-member committee consisting of representatives from the government, milk dealers/producers, private dairies and people’s representative. Apart from this, we are planning to file a petition in court to solve the issue legally.”

Aavin Milk Dairy
                            Aavin Milk Dairy


While Hatsun Agro is planning to increase its price in various categories, Tamilnadu Cooperative Milk Producers Federation (Aavin) has not increased its price and this might work to its advantage. While Hatsun is planning to increase the price of a litre of full cream milk from Rs 48 to Rs 50, Aavin will be selling it for Rs 45, and it will sell a litre of standardised milk for Rs 41, even as Hatsun will hike its price from Rs 44 to Rs 46.