Widespread consumer disapproval for the new colour scheme (predominantly blue with green) for its Nandini curd packet has forced Karnataka Cooperative Milk Producers’ Federation (KMF) to revert to the old colour scheme (yellow, green and chocolate brown).

“In a day or two, curd packets with the old colour should be in market,” Rakesh Singh, KMF managing director, told The Hindu on Thursday. Asked about the stock of packets with the new colour scheme, Mr. Singh said they would be recycled at the KMF’s recycling facility. Thus, the loss would not be much, he said.

The KMF launched Nandini curd in its new avatar about a fortnight ago.

There was widespread confusion among consumers following the introduction of the new colour scheme for curd packet as it was similar to that of milk packet.

Nandini Curd
              Nandini Curd

Homemaker Prameela Shashidhar said she got confused every day and opened the curd packet instead of milk packet. A Nandini distributor in Mangaluru said he was flooded with complaints from consumers as distribution boys got confused while delivering milk/curd during early mornings.

Admitting it was a “goof up”, KMF president P. Nagaraju told The Hindu that the marketing department changed the colour scheme without getting any feedback. He said packets of different Nandini products had different colour scheme — blue for skimmed milk, green for cow milk, orange for Shubham milk, yellow for double toned milk, and so on.

“It is common sense to sell different products under distinct colours,” he said.