KEVENTER dairy products

Packaged Milk

Packaged MilkThe Keventer Group’s plan is to increase its footprint in the Dairy Industry nationally and reclaim the pride of place that the ‘Keventer’ name stands for. Aided by the World Bank, Keventer Agro launched its first Public Private Partnership project, Metro Dairy as India’s first joint sector dairy project between Keventer Agro Limited and Government of West Bengal under the aegis of the World Bank’s Operation Flood III.

Metro Toned Milk, the Company’s flagship brand, is one of the leading packet milk brand in Bengal. Also located at the Barasat campus, the dairy plant in one of Asia’s most sophisticated. Perhaps its most noteworthy feature is the adoption of UHT technology in place of pasteurisation. UHT (Ultra Heat Treated) retains the beneficial micro-organisms present in pure milk. Metro Dairy has launched a new unit for storage and distribution in 2015.

The healthiest in the land

  • Fully automated facility capable of producing over 400,000 liters of milk every day
  • Keventer’s undisputed control of the distributor network ensures that Metro Milk reaches over 5 lakh households in Kolkata and suburbs all year through.
  • Keventer’s milk unit commands 40% of the market share in the pouch segment in greater Kolkata
  • Metro Dairy has launched a new topline product called RICH in 2015

Ice CreamIce Cream

Having ventured successfully in the milk industry, the Keventer Group extended its product portfolio to the ice-cream category in 1998. Available in eleven mouth-watering flavours, it is the only ice cream in the eastern zone to be made from fresh cream. It was the lowest priced ice cream without compromising quality. The objective was to make ice cream available to the common man. Today it’s the market leader in Kolkata, with a 55% market share. The brand has indeed redefined the product category by making it an item of daily consumption from the ‘once-in-a-while’ delicacy. Metro Dairy has set up a new ice cream plant at Siliguri in Jan 2015.

Delicious facts

  • Currently 20,000 liters of ice cream is sold per day
  • The storage capacity of the plant had to be amplified eight times since the launch of the product to meet growing demands


 milestone-1900  keventor milestone-86-99  milestone-54-85
2015 1946 1893
Metro Dairy’s brand new ice cream plant opened at Malda Keventer’s dissolves into separate localised entities The Government provides land and Rs. 7,500 is sanctioned towards infrastructure cost
2015 1937 1891-93
Keventer Fresh Banana Ripening unit started operations at Siliguri Edward Keventer dies at Shimla Edward Keventer’s name is included in all official correspondence
2014 1921 1891-92
Tata Housing forms joint venture with Keventer Projects Edward Keventer retires to Shimla Indian Civil Veterinary Departments established, Keventer advices the Meerut Cantonment Dairy
2013 1913 1890
Launch of Panda Junction Emperor George V confers Edward with a Royal Charter for supply of dairy and farm products Edwards learns about Indian cattle breeds and dairy practices
2012 1908-20 1889
Launch of The Flying Monk Keventer’s is operational in Karachi, New Delhi, Lucknow, Darjeeling, Calcutta and Rangoon Edward is selected for the post of ‘Dairy Expert’
2010 1904 1886
Acquisition of Candico Werner joins Keventer’s The first Military Dairy Farm is set up at Allahabad
2009 1899 1885-88
GAMA Hospitality Franchisee Agreement with GFA Buys the Chherat farm and renames it as Aligarh Dairy Farm Edward enrolls at Alnarp in 1885, graduates in 1886; Edward is hired to run a dairy at Orbyhus, Sweden
2009 1894 1873
Launch of Ty.phoo in Eastern India Receives a lease on the Chherat property in Aligarh The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences is set up at Alnarp, Sweden
2007 1870
Launch of Keventer’s Fresh Edward Keventer completes his schooling at Orebro
2006 1868
Acquisition of Eicher International Indian Cattle Plague Commission is appointed. A veterinary college is established at Lahore
2006 1862
Launch of Utsav First veterinary school starts at Pune
1995 1858
Setting up of Metro Dairy as a JV with the State Government The British Crown proclaims its rule over India
1987 1854
Tie up with Parle Edward Keventer is born at Orebro, Sweden
Group took over Edward Keventer Private Limited