Even as Kerala Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation is contemplating a hike in milk prices, its affiliate Ernakulam Regional Cooperative Milk Producers’ Union (ERCMPU) has begun to pay member dairy farmers one rupee per litre as incentive in the wake of a rise in the price of cattle feed.

The price of cattle feed has gone up substantially and it is not possible for farmers to go on with the current milk price, said the ERCMPU chairman P.A. Balan here on Saturday.

For societies

He said that the one rupee incentive would go to the farmers who supplies milk and another 50 paisa was being paid as incentive to dairy societies. The Milma brand of milk is now sold between Rs.35 and Rs.40 a litre and the dairy farmers get between Rs.30 to Rs.31, depending on the quality of the milk.

The apex federation was now considering hiking the price of milk to compensate the farmers, he said. The ERCMPU collects 2,70,000 litres of milk daily from around 65,000 farmers in the districts under the regional cooperative.