Heritage raises milk prices in Tamil Nadu

Consumers in Tamil Nadu who use Heritage brand of milk will have to spend Rs 2 more per litre from August 1. In a circular to Tamil Nadu Milk Dealers Association on Sunday, the Andhra Pradesh-based company said standardised milk would cost Rs 48 per litre while the price of full cream variety would be Rs 52 per litre.

Heritage sells around three lakh litre of milk in Chennai and suburbs. Other brands like Tirumala and Aarogya also have a considerable market share of the milk market in the city. While Arogya and Tirumala increased the milk price in February and June, Heritage is increasing the price only now.

The price of milk sold by private companies in Chennai has been gone up considerably over the years even though there is no hike in procurement price or shortage of milk.

Heritage company sources did not give any reasons for increasing the price from Monday. Compared to Aavin price, the private milk is costlier by nearly Rs 10 per litre. Government-owned Aavin sells standardised milk at Rs 39 per litre in open market.

Dealers condemned the hike in milk prices. ”The increase in milk prices in condemnable. Milk is available in plenty, and there are many dairy farmers who are ready to sell milk to private companies as Aavin is not procuring the entire quantity of milk produced in the state,” dealers association leader K A Ponnusamy said.

The association wanted government intervention to control the price of milk sold by private producers.