Farmer, sons held for hacking pregnant buffalo’s leg


Farmer, sons held for hacking pregnant buffalo’s leg

Madurai: The Madurai city police have arrested a farmer and his two sons for hacking a pregnant buffalo’s leg. The trio took the buffalo, which ate a portion of their paddy crop, to their house. When its owner went to claim it they took a sickle and hacked its leg, leaving the animal writhing in pain.

Based on a complaint from R Ranjithkumar, owner of the buffalo, the Tiruparankundram police registered a case under section 429 of the IPC – mischief by killing or maiming cattle. The farmer and his sons were arrested and released on bail.

The Tiruparankundram police inspector said they also received a complaint from another cattle owner that the trio broke a leg of a calf. The same section was evoked against the accused.
The accused were identified as P Chandran, 43, son of Pandi, hailing from Omsakthi Nagar near Nilaiyur, his sons C Manimurugan, 21, and Manikannan, 17. Chandran too is a farmer cultivating paddy on a piece of land near Nilaiyur Tank.

The police said Chandran had earlier warned Ranjithkumar not to let his cattle graze on his paddy field, but the bovines were found feeding on his crop on several occasions. This angered Chandran who got hold of the buffalo a week ago when it was eating his crop and let it free after warning Ranjith kumar.

When he found the buffalo on his farm again on Tuesday, he took it home and tied it to a tree. When Ranjithkumar went to fetch the buffalo, Chandran and his sons verbally abused him and refused to let go the animal. When Ranjith kumar tried to untie the buffalo, Chandran hacked it with a sickle.

The trio threated the owner that he too would be attacked if he touched the animal. Ranjithkumar went to the police station and lodged a complaint. After the police intervened, the buffalo was taken to a veterinary hospital. The animal had several other deep cut injuries as well.

R T Jayakrishnan, animal welfare officer for Madurai district, said that the incident has saddened him. Many such incidents take place in southern districts. He questioned why innocent animals should be punished for the mistakes done by their owners. Instead of punishing the animals, people can claim compensation from cattle owners, he said.

He said the case was booked in a section under which a maximum of five years of imprisonment and a fine of up to Rs 1000 can be levied.