A milk-booth run by 51 differently-abled persons in Sector-V area of the town stands as an eye-opener for the physically fit youth who are struggling for a living. The differently-abled students of Asha Lata Viklang Kendra (ALVK) have never raised their voices against unemployment or knocked the door of any agency for mercy for their survival. They decided to stand on their own feet and live with honour.

Taking advice from their principal and teachers, these special youths formed a cooperative society named Asha Lata Viklang Vikas Sahyog Samiti (ALVVSS) by contributing Rs 100 each. With the money they opened a milk booth in 2010, which is doing brisk business these days.

Of the 51 members, four of them have taken responsibility to run the milk booth. For this they were provided remuneration while others get dividends from the profit. With hard labour and honesty these differently-abled youths have earned goodwill in the market and drawn huge number of customers.

Last financial year, Sudha Dairy felicitated them for being the ‘Best Selling Milk Booth’ of the town. Sarda Kumari, a physically challenged girl who runs the milk booth, said that the sale of milk and other milk products is rising day by day. “We do business of Rs 10,000 to 20,000 per day. Sale of milk and Sudha products is touching more than Rs 3 lakh per month,” Sarda said.

Milk from booth
Milk from booth

The smile and humility of the youths strikes a chord with the customers here. They greet everyone and sometimes make them laugh with funny jokes. “I love going to the milk booth run by ALVVSS youths to buy Sudha dairy products because these youths inspire me to live a life with joy,” said Subhash Jain, a builder.

Of the four youths who sit in the milk booth, Rakesh Kumar is challenged in multiple ways while Sarda, Mahender Kumar and Jawahar Gope are orthopaedically challenged.

However, none of them can ever been seen upset or under stress. “With their effort they made the cooperative gain profit. In 2014-15, each of the members shared a dividend of Rs 500,” said Bhawani Shankar Jaiswal, director of ALVK.

This might be the first cooperative society which pays dividend to their members. However, the growth of the society can also be assessed with the recent announcement made by ALVVSS members of opening a supermarket close to their milk booths. They have got a fund of Rs 27 lakh from the government for setting up the supermarket, Jaiswal said.

As soon as the supermarket comes up, the other members of the society will also get employed. Jaiswal said that these youths manage to eke out a living by getting involved in small projects.

The rest of the members are either studying or preparing for competitive examinations in railways, BSNL or other government jobs till they get involved in other projects.

The youths formed a cooperative society named Asha Lata Viklang Vikas Sahyog Samiti by contributing Rs 100 each. They opened a milk booth in 2010, which was chosen as the ‘Best Selling Milk Booth’ by Sudha Dairy