You could soon be eating a ‘creamier’, ‘smoother’ Dairy Milk!

In its first recipe change in India over a decade, Mondelez has launched a ‘creamier’ Dairy Milk for the market.

Like eating Dairy Milk chocolate? What if we tell you that it is getting a new taste? Yes, in its first recipe change in India over a decade, Mondelez has launched a ‘creamier’ Dairy Milk for the market.

However, creating the new Dairy Milk posed a challenge for the research and development team, which had to keep the taste same and yet had to make the chocolate ‘smoother’, says a HT report. Besides, it had to ensure that the changes did not make it more soft during the summer.

“Our biggest challenge was to ensure that we did not alienate even a single customer with the new taste,” Prashant Peres, Director marketing (chocolates), Mondelez India told HT, adding that it took the team close to three years to get it right.

Mondelez also released a new Cadbury Dairy Milk advertisement. Made by Ogilvy and Mather India, the ad has been simultaneously released in 15 countries including India, Canada, South Africa, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Pakistan. Explaining the thought behind the ad, Prakash Nair, executive vice president, Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai told HT that not only did the communication have to convey the exhilarating taste of chocolate, it also had to communicate in a way that was both relevant and believable.

Created by Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai along with Prana Studios and Fingerprint Films, the new campaign, titled ‘‘Taste that frees the joy’” showcases the moment of joy for a group of aliens, who taste a bar of chocolate that was left behind by an astronaut. The exhilarating joy they experience on tasting the new avatar of Cadbury Dairy Milk, results in an interstellar party. Mondelez India, that owns the chocolate brand, refused to share the expenditure on television and digital media for the campaign. The company will however continue to air its ongoing campaign, “Kuch meetha ho jaaye”. Peres said.

According to research firm Nielsen, Mondelez is the market leader in the chocolate category with over 65% of the Rs 7500 crore market in India. The cadbury Dairy Milk portfolio continues to be the biggest chocolate brand in India with about 41% market share as of September 30, 2016.