Amul Girl
Amul Girl

Amul Girl just gets butter with age

The Amul girl remains utterly butterly delicious even after crossing the half-century mark, polka-dotted dress and blue hair notwithstanding. Such has been her impact on the market that we now have a four-letter ‘Indian’ word for butter that needs no local translations.

And though many would point to her glowing agelessness as definitive proof of the beneficial qualities of butter, she should also be hailed as the original goddess of short messaging.

After all, each one of her pronouncements over the last 50 years has been a model of brevity and wit, the two virtues that are essential in the Twitter verse today. Moreover, she manages to come out with timely observations on subjects as varied as politics to sports, business to cinema, without spreading it too thick — a charge that would be easy to level given her provenance.

That emoticon-like, nose less but merry face is probably what has ensured that even her more salty comments slide smoothly down all throats as if helped along by dollops of her eponymous dairy unguent.

And her ability to keep it short and sweet makes the 140-character tweet limit actually seem almost excessive. Therefore, it is time she takes a micro blogging plunge as her many admirers would surely appreciate the chance to savour more than just a one-a-day instacomment, dripping butter if not sarcasm!