Amul always: From PV Sindhu’s ‘Sindhustan’ to Usain’s ‘Wonderbolt’ about Rio Olympics

While Amul’s butter and other products have been reigning our taste buds, its cartoon advertisements have been winning our hearts. The iconic Amul girl has never been shy of expressing its views on any event that has created a buzz. Over the years, the brand has come up with iconic illustration using pictures and pun to satisfy and articulate what often people failed to say. It often happens that after Amul brings out its version on a topic, we feel, yes! This is exactly what we were looking for. And, we have to say, Amul never disappoints us.

As India was celebrating PV Sindhu’s victory feat at the Olympics, many tried to articulate their feelings and excitement, but the apt tribute came when Amul released its cartoon to honour her and what exactly her achievement meant to the country. The ad released on their Twitter page shows, the 21-year-old Olympian playing with the Amul girl, with a caption reading, “Sindhustan Hamara! Shuttley Butterly Delicious!”

But, this tribute is not the first instance of brilliant Amul ads for 2016 Rio Olympics, ever since the buzz for the summer games began, the dairy cooperative has been commenting or rejoicing triumphs of individuals at the games.

When India had given up all hopes of winning a medal at the games, and wrestler Sakshi Malik came to country’s rescue and won a bronze medal, Amul applauded her win and released an ad that read, “Land of Malik and honey! For brains and brone.”

Amul not only celebrated the victory of Indian athletes at the games but also cherished the achievements of world record holders Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps. Sharing Bolt’s accomplishment, the post read, “The once-in-a generation athlete makes it a hatrick of 100 metre Olympic golds!” The cartoon aptly read, “Wonderbolt, Asaan for Usain”. For the most decorated Olympian of all time, Amul made an ad that said, “God Phelps those who help themselves…to Amul.”

Apart from congratulating on victory feats, Amul also left a mark on almost all the issues surrounding the mega event. From Sports Minister Vijay Goel’s selfie controversy to Russia’s infamous ban regarding the doping issue, Amul had it all. Even much before the game started it commented on all the controversies that India crossed reaching Rio, from Salman Khan being named as the goodwill ambassador to Sushil and Narsingh Yadav row.

As Olympics continues we take a look at these ads and hope for many more to come in the coming days.

Amul’s ad after Bollywood actor Salman Khan was named as the goodwill ambassador instead of other sports stars. (Source: Amul/ Twitter)
Amul’s ad after Bollywood actor Salman Khan was named as the goodwill ambassador instead of other sports stars. (Source: Amul/ Twitter)